6 Major Benefits of Charter Helicopter- Save your Time & Energy

Traveling by helicopter charter India are no where confined to only lavish or super- rich people. It has become a popular choice among public- be it be businessman or celebrity. The luxury and ease a helicopter provides at an affordable rate are grabbing the attention of the public.

Besides the level of flexibility there are many other benefits of charter helicopter which commercial flight simply can’t provide. No matter you are going on a vacation or on a business trip, its privacy or comfort make you feel out of this world, traveling on a private chopper would be the best choice. Here is why you must travel through a charter helicopter:

A large runway v/s a small helipad:

While traveling on a normal flight it requires a huge runway for landing and takeoff. However a helicopter can depart and arrive through a small helipad instead of full runway. You can fly through tighter spaces and can land closer to your desired stop (if any helipad available there). So, not only its comfort but you can enjoy landing luxury helicopter charter on the roof, field, backyard, etc.

No wasting time in long queues:

Everyone is aware of the importance of time. Why wait in long queues when you get the privilege to walk through the subway and board your private helicopter directly?

Now there is no tension of arriving 2 hours early like in the commercial plane to complete all the formalities just arrive 10 minutes before the boarding to get acquainted with your pilot. It would save you time as well as harassment, another advantage of charter helicopter.

Access multiple location in a day:

When a company has multiple branches in various locations it sometimes become necessary for a person to visit these branches together in a single day. Helicopters are one of the fastest and most comfortable way to travel with a maximum speed of 165 miles an hour. If you need to hop on to multiple cities in a day, traveling by a private chopper is a perfect choice.

You do not have to stay overnight waiting for the next flight if you miss your existing booked flight. It will be convenient and will save you money of staying in a hotel.

Remote locations are easily accessible:

While traveling through the commercial plane you can only have direct access to places which are closer to the airport. When going to a remote location you will have to endure a few hours more drive from the airport in addition to the time taken to reach airport. But with a chartered helicopter you can fly directly to the location with no waste of time.

Enjoy the beautiful sights:

These jets emit less carbon monoxide to the environment which is extremely harmful gas.

Helicopters fly below commercial aircrafts which makes it possible for you to see beautiful sights instead of only clouds. The large windows offer perfect opportunity to absorb the beautiful scenery. As a helicopter has the ability to stay in a place, it gives opportunity to click some spectacular scenic pictures.

Make an impactful impression:

If you want to make a grand entrance, make an entrance through a helicopter. It would surely grab attention. Make an impactful mark among the audiences as you might not get the same opportunity again.

It depicts powerful and professionalism and will convey a positive message to all your business associates. You can avoid long traffic, various internal transfers.


Once you get to experience luxury and comfort of a helicopter, its versatility and thrill you will agree that there is no better way to travel to enrich style. Charter a helicopter, fly high in sky and land in full style. Bluheights Avaition is a one- stop shop for you if you are planning on getting a private charter, or a helicopter charter.

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