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  • 07-February-2023

10 Private Jet Charter Myths Exposed

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you see a private jet charter taking off or landing?


You might be wondering that the person sitting inside the jet might be rich and famous to afford such a luxury life.

But this is one of the biggest jet charter myths that most of the people have. The fact about these private jets is that they are most used for tourism, mostly on a business trip, meaning they are not owned by any celebrities or rockstars.


They are also not owned by any individual as these private jets are chartered. So in this article, we will be clearing all your confusions regarding private jet India.


10 Common Myths About Private Jet Charter

Take a look at the most common charter myths that are taking rounds on the private charter jet:


1. You have to be affluent to fly in a private jet

This is the biggest myth about flying in a private jet. Yes, it’s true that we see many celebrities with private jets, but do you know that common people like us can also easily hire a private aircraft?

Flying a private charter is no more a big deal now as you can easily split the money between a group. Paying a price only for your seat can be the best cost-saving approach.

Not only this, but the travel industry has come up with many affordable options which makes it easy for every one of us to enjoy this funfilled experience.


2. It’s unsafe to fly in a private jet

One of the commoncharter myths about charter flight India is as they don’t go through TSA security process while boarding, they are less safe as compared to commercial flights. But as per the research, flying in a private jet is way safer as flying in commercial flights. This is because most of these flights are newly manufactured and are better maintained. In addition, all the operators are better informed about safety as well as security protocols.


3. Booking a private charter flight is very difficult

Many people say that hiring a jet from any private jet company needs a lot of effort than booking a ticket for a commercial flight. Booking a seat in any commercial flight is undoubtedly promot but it is even simpler to book a private jet as well.

All the private jet companies have their dedicated support teams who are always ready to take care of their customer’s need. In Blueheights Aviation, our support service is not just limited till booking flight, but our experts are also 24/7 available to help you if you have any query.


4. The destinations are limited

This is one of the common charter myths which needed to be addressed. In reality, private jets have more destination options as the total number of airports are greater. Private jets can fly in as well as out of any airport which commercial flights can’t.

The flier can choose the airport depending upon their nearest location. Moreover, some companies provide lots of services and offer destination options to the charter flights India which commercial flights may not have the access.


5. Private Jets fly slower than Commercial flights

Another one of the biggest charter myths that we would like to list is that the speed of the private jet is slower than commercial flights. Most people think that as the engines of the commercial flights are bigger, thus they can reach the destination earlier than the charter jet.

If you are also having the same doubts then it’s simply not true. You will be boarding the flight faster as you don’t have to stand in a long queue. Moreover, the pilot can fly the plane as per your demands as most of the people hire a private jet charter for business or any special needs.


6. They are not suitable to fly in bad weather

Most people say that traveling on a private plane is not safe during bad weather. But commercial flights are normally cancelled or delayed during the same condition.

You can see many cases or situations where private jets have landed safely even in the bad weather condition. The main reason behind this is its maximum flexibility. They can go up to the maximum heights to avoid such circumstances.


7. Owning a private jet is cost-friendly than hiring regularly

People have a misconception that hiring a private jet for the regular fliers can make a hole in your pocket, thus, owning one will be the cost-saving option.


This is not true because jets are very expensive and they require regular maintenance. Not only this you also have to hire crew members, pilot and storage facility which needs additional cost.


8. Security process will take hours

The day when you will be going through a private jet, in some airports, you can directly go near the jet with your personal vehicle. Whereas some airports you have to visit a small office for a short time.


But this is a misconception that you have to go through security checkpoints. Thus, you need not have to worry as you don’t have to stand in a queue for security check.


9. You need to belong from elite status

The people who go in a private jet have an elite image which is totally wrong. In the past few years the aviation industry have made massive expansion in the clientele.


Now the service is not limited to the celebrities or businessmen. But now a normal family or solo travelers, honeymooners can also book a private jet to enjoy their trip.


10. It destroys the mother nature

Many times travelling in private jets is considered as an easy-going practice where people fly without even caring about the environment.

This is also misconception as many private jet companies developed a technology which shows the carbon footprints. This feature will display if any damage is caused.


Wrapping Up

There are many misconception associated with private jet charter. And we urge everyone not to blindly believe in such charter myths unless you have the evidence. We have listed all the above-mentioned realities with our years of assumptions and experience. To know more about Blueheights Aviation, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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