Air ambulance services
  • 07-February-2023

Advantages & Limitations of Air Ambulance

Air ambulance service is a vital component of the healthcare system for patients with serious medical emergencies. The use of air ambulances can improve access to care for patients living in rural or remote areas and can also shorten transport times for patients with severe medical conditions. Despite these benefits, there are also several limitations to air ambulance service that should be considered when making decisions about patient care.


Advantages of Air Ambulance Service

The primary advantage of air ambulance service is that it can provide rapid transport to patients with serious medical emergencies. It can be essential for patients who live in rural or remote areas, where access to appropriate medical care may be limited.

In addition, air ambulance service may also be used in cases in which the patient's condition requires transport to a specialized medical facility that is located far away. For example, long-distance transport by air ambulance is often used when transporting patients with severe burns or wounds to burn centres for further evaluation and treatment.

Air ambulances are particularly useful in these situations because the specialized equipment required by these patients can fit on a helicopter or aeroplane.

In addition, air ambulances provide the advantage of someone being available to provide care during transport. It can include a nurse or paramedic providing special ventilation equipment for a patient with heart or lung disease, administering pain medication, and performing CPR if necessary.

Limitations of Air Ambulance Service

Unfortunately, the process of transporting a patient by air ambulance is not without limitations. One major limitation of transport by helicopter or aeroplane is that it requires specialized equipment and trained medical staff to perform the necessary tasks. It means that passengers on military or civilian transport aircraft often cannot provide this level of care themselves.

A second limitation of air ambulance services is that they can be costly. The cost of using an air ambulance can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the distance travelled and the type of aircraft used.

Third, the use of an air ambulance may not always be possible due to inclement weather conditions. Specific medical emergencies require ground transport, mainly if the weather is hazardous and flight would put other lives at risk.

Fourth, air ambulance service may take longer than traditional ground transportation to reach patients needing emergency services. It can be particularly problematic when there is no one available to provide medical care until the transport is complete.

Finally, there is no way to track an air ambulance during transport adequately. It is partly because aircraft are often required to land or reduce speed for national security reasons while flying over urban areas during the day. Tracking devices designed to work with helicopters and aeroplanes also do not provide enough accuracy to be of use in this situation.


Air ambulance service is a valuable tool for patients with serious medical emergencies. However, there are also several limitations to this type of transport that should be considered when making decisions about patient care. These limitations include the need for specialized equipment and trained medical staff, the cost of using an air ambulance, the possibility that air ambulances cannot fly in difficult weather conditions, and the lack of advanced tracking tools.


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