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  • 07-February-2023

How much does an air ambulance cost ?

An air ambulance is a type of aircraft used to transport patients who require medical care. This type of aircraft can be used for both short- and long-distance trips, and it is often used to transport people in critical condition.

Several factors will determine the cost of using an air ambulance. The type of aircraft used, the distance that needs to be travelled, and the level of medical care required will all play a role in the final price.

Air Ambulance Types

There are several different types of air ambulances available, and each one has its own unique set of features. The three most common types include air ambulances with a passenger compartment, helicopters used for medical emergencies, and private jets that can be used when travelling between countries.

The average price of an air ambulance with a patient compartment is $2 million.

Helicopters are the least expensive option at $500,000. These aircraft do not have the same comfort or amenities as a passenger compartment. Still, they are often used in rural areas where there is no other option for medical transportation.

Private jets are the most expensive option, and they can cost up to $10 million. These aircraft are often used when patients need to be transported between different countries. They offer a high level of comfort and privacy, and they can travel long distances without stopping.

Medical Care

The level of medical care required will also play a role in the cost of using an air ambulance. Some patients may only require primary medical care, while others need more advanced treatment.

The average price for primary medical care is $10,000. For intensive care, this price can be as high as $100,000. Patients that require advanced medical treatment will pay upwards of $500,000, and some may even need to travel with a specialized team.


Distance Travelled

The distance between the departure and destination points will also affect the overall price. Many air ambulances charge per mile for trips that are over 100 miles.

The average cost of an air ambulance is $1,000 per mile. This price can go up if the trip is very long or in extreme conditions, such as inclement weather. It is also common for air ambulances to charge a combination of flat rates and per-mile fees.



The cost of using an air ambulance can vary greatly, depending on the type of aircraft, the level of medical care required, and the distance that needs to be travelled. However, the average price for an air ambulance with a patient compartment is $2 million. The least expensive option is a helicopter at $500,000, while private jets can cost millions. The final price is also affected by the level of medical care, and some patients will need to travel with a specialized team.

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