Ahmedabad air Ambulance services
  • 07-February-2023

Importance of Air ambulance services in India

Air ambulance services India, Ahmedabad Air ambulance service, Charter Helicopter services in India


The idea of Air ambulance services India, is gaining popularity and it has its reasons. Often the term ‘golden hour’ is used in first few hours after the injury or the health complication that largely determines the chances of survival of the patient. The proper care and access to the right kind of service enhances the recovery significantly.

As per reports nearly 30% of all traumas in India is related with the lack of proper transportation of the patients. With the country with a large population, accidents and health risk occur every second. To avoid any fatalities due to lack of proper transportation facility to transport the patient on time and to ensure that on time health care facility is administered, air ambulance services in India is a great boon.

Charter Helicopter services in India is the kind of service that combines air transport with basic emergency medical services that can transport sick or injured patients to and fro from healthcare facilities. It is like air lifting patients during emergencies.

People today are looking for the best in class health care services. The Ahmedabad Air ambulance service offers well-equipped aircraft with medical facilities that can be used in case of emergencies. It is easier to transport patients from one place to another and sometimes from one country to another with the help of best air ambulance services.

The socio-economic development and better living standards, has made a huge bracket of population to prefer the air ambulance service because of its time saving features and hassle-free transportation. 

Traffic congestion, remote location makes it tough to transport critical patients on time to the health care centre. Also, during critical medical emergency it becomes difficult to take patients by road because roads are congested. During such times the role of the best air ambulance services comes to play.

The best air ambulance services have on-board aircraft equipped with hi-tech medical equipments to monitor and the treatment of patients. It has all the time-saving equipments on-board and even the most serious patients can be transported easily.

The main benefit of air ambulance service is that it includes a higher level of care. Also many patients cannot deal with the discomfort of ground medical transportation and the chances of their condition worsening rises, especially for a long distance journey. 

A hassle-free and quick journey in an air ambulance can help a lot to mitigate the dangers of deteriorating health of the patient. 

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