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  • 07-February-2023

Common mistakes to be avoided while booking a private jet

A private jet charter travel is all about sticking to your rigid schedules and avoiding commercial plane travel hassles. The cost associated with Private jet charter is associated with many privileges like flexible schedules, escaping stringent security checks, quick boarding etc. However, booking a private jet requires diligence too!


With large number of private operators, the market for private jet charter has turned competitive. Hence, from bargaining good price to ensuring best services, there are several factors which should be considered.


Here are some of the common mistakes to be avoided while booking a private jet:

Last minute booking

If you book your charter jet flight last minute, you are left with miniscule options. Private operators need to check with the availability of aircrafts and if known in advance, they can serve with best of the options. Especially weekend flights sold out faster. Hence, booking your flight well in advance can help in securing best services


Presuming Private Jet to be highly expensive

Private jet charter price is generally associated with hefty expenses. However, if you explore the options like empty leg, you can fetch a private jet charter flight at the fraction of its original cost. Yes, the pricing can be slightly higher than the business/First class. However, this is more than worth for the privileges that you enjoy as a private jet traveler.


Unorganized Itinerary

Booking a private jet with a specified itinerary is highly beneficial. Firstly, most of the private operators have tiny air strips which allow you to land nearer to your destinations as compared to the bigger airports. Unless, your destination is pre-defined you cannot take advantage of these air strips.


Booking without negotiating

There are many deals and offers given by operators which are unknown to the first-time flyers. It is important to check all the inclusions in your package with a detailed cost-break up to negotiate with your operator. Check out the timings, special packages and other deals which are offered by other operators.


Missing ID proof

This is a common mistake which many travels encounter especially during their first travel. Private Jet charter facilitate you to escape stringent security checks, long queues and check-in. However, you always need an identification proof at landing. A driving license or PAN card suffices as ID proof for domestic travel while international travel requires the traveler to hold passport.


Unlimited Baggage

Many people assume that private jet charter has no restrictions for luggage. However, you are allowed to carry as much luggage as recommended by your aircraft. Some aircraft(generally long fight charter) are spacious than others (small jet charter) to allow the travelers to take along more luggage. Also, the objects like firearm, sharp objects, weapons and flammable objects are prohibited on private jet charter.


It’s common to have several apprehensions about a private jet charter, especially if you are a first-time traveler. However, a diligent research can help you to avoid hassles and lets you enjoy a fulfilling experience at your first private jet charter flight. Private Operators like Blue Height aviation are one-stop solution for all your private jet flight needs.


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