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Air ambulance services India 

as the term suggests is an emergency service that makes the use of helicopters and airplanes to move patients to the hospital.


Although the job of all air transport is to help a person move from one place to another, air ambulance services in India's main aim remains to fly people to save their lives in situations that are life threatening. Blue Heights Aviation is one of the best air ambulance service providers. We provide Air Ambulance services for international destinations like Europe, USA, Singapore and Middle east countries amongst others.


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At Blueheights Aviation , we can bring patients from any part of the world .


Air ambulance services in
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Air Ambulance Services

What are Air Ambulances used for?


The use of air ambulances dates back to World War I, where it helped provide medical evacuation. However, the role and use of it later also included providing medical assistance to civilians in the times of life threatening situations.


Air ambulances are fast and swift to move patients from a place to the other. Each of these air ambulances has extremely well trained medical personnel to ensure the patient's life is sustained until they reach the hospital. Along with that, air ambulance services in India have monitors and various other medical equipment and tools are stocked up for sustaining the patient’s life.


Air ambulances are fast and swift to move patients from a place to the other. Each of these air ambulances has extremely well trained medical personnel to ensure the patient's life is sustained until they reach the hospital. Along with that, air ambulance services in India have monitors and various other medical equipment and tools are stocked up for sustaining the patient’s life.


In a busy country like India where traffic issues are a normal thing, air ambulances turn out as saviours. Time undeniably remains a very important thing when it comes to saving a person’s life. Hence, reaching the hospital without wasting time clogged into traffic remains a very important point. That is when air ambulances come in.





Some of the most important jobs of air ambulance service in India are:

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These were some of the various benefits of Air Ambulance in an emergency.


These were some of the various benefits of Air Ambulance in an emergency.


What is the cost of air ambulance in India?


The air ambulance services cost is generally based on an per hour basis. Approximately the cost per hour is around 95K to even lakhs.


The cost of air ambulance services in India also depends on the factors in which you are flying. Generally, the service cost is pricier than the normal ambulances. However, when you compare the facility and swiftness it provides compared to other ambulances, it is worth every rupee.


How can I book an air ambulance in India?


For booking the best air ambulance service you just get on a call with us. Our executives are there present all hours of the clock to help and guide you throughout the process. Hence, you have to hassle around booking your air ambulance in times of emergency.


Air ambulance services delhi
Air ambulance services

Why choose Blueheights Aviation Company for Air Ambulance Services in India?


We at Blueheights Aviation Company provide the best air ambulance service. There are various reasons to choose us.


However, here are some of the main reasons why you must choose us to assist you in your tough hours.


  •  Our flights are well equipped with comfortable stretchers to help the patient feel easy and comfortable.

  •  Well trained highly professional attendants are present on the flights to ensure that the patient is continuously monitored and catered to during the critical hours.

  •  Along with that, our air ambulances are fully equipped with all the necessary medical facilities to help the patient in whatever he needs.

  •  We have professional highly trained pilots to fly the aircraft. Hence, our patients are always in safe hands.

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Ask Your Question

  • How fast is an air ambulance?

    Air ambulances services in India are one of the fastest flyers. They fly at a speed of 120 miles per hour to be approx. When flying at night, the pilots generally wear night visions. This helps them to have a better vision which in turn improves flying.

  • How fast do air ambulances fly?

    Air ambulances services in India are really quick and hence they need to fly at a very high speed. Generally, the pilots fly these emergency air ambulances at the speed of around mach 0.8

  • What Colour is the air ambulance?

    There is no such fixed color of air ambulance services in India. It generally depends on the charity it has been endorsed from, or the company that operates it. However, the base color of an air ambulance is generally yellow or red. There might also be some checks on the body of the helicopter.

  • Can Air Ambulance fly direct to Europe USA,Dubai ,Singapore or Australia ?

    Yes, we have the approved jet plane which can fly up to 14,000 km nonstop at a lighting speed of Mach 0.9 . Apart from passengers it can carry paramedics and family members up to 10-14. Blue Heights Aviation is ranked as one of the best air ambulance services in India. We provide unparalleled comfort and swiftness. Our air ambulance operates from various places all over India. Some of them are air ambulance Mumbai , Air Ambulance Delhi, Air Ambulance Hyderabad, Air ambulance Chennai , Air Ambulance Bangalore, Air Ambulance Patna, Air Ambulance Guwahati, Air Ambulance Raipur and Air ambulance Bhubaneswar amongst various others. We also extend our services internationally, i,e; in various places outside India. Some of these places are Dubai , Singapore, USA , Europe etc. At Blueheights Aviation , we can bring patients from any part of the world .

  • Can air ambulances fly at night?

    Yes, air ambulances do operate at night. The flight rates are slightly higher than what it is in the hours of the day. The highly professional pilots who fly these emergency air ambulances often wear night visions to improve their flying at night.

  • Why cannot air ambulances fly at night?

    Air ambulances can fly at night. Previously however they were not allowed to operate at the night hours of the day. However, now they have been allowed to operate. The pilots wear night visions to see clearly and hence ensure maximum safety

  • What are air ambulances used for?

    The main work of an emergency air ambulance is to shift or move patients to the hospital in life threatening situations. For people stuck in an accident, people living in remote and hilly areas and the people who live in areas that are highly clogged with traffic, the air ambulance services in India comes as a boon. Some of the emergency patients that air ambulances can help include: People who have had accidents. Heart or cerebral attack patients. Patients who need to be shifted to another medical facility in urgency. Cancer patients. Air ambulance is the boon that all of us look forward to in the most stressful hours of our lives. Time remains the most important when it comes to saving a person’s life and air ambulance exactly utilises every milliseconds of it.

Air Ambulance India-Service Cities


Air Ambulances can be used for a variety of medical transfers


Trauma Emergency Response

We are developing India’s first Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) which encompasses of highly skilled Rapid Assessment Intervention and Dispatch (RAID) team.


Planned Air Transfer

We have dedicated Helicopters and Fixed wing aircrafts, strategically placed across India and abroad to minimise response time. We can transfer a critically unwell patient in the shortest possible transit time, continuing the Intensive therapy enroute.


Organ Retrieval

We transfer our surgical team for Organ Harvest to the referring hospital. This team will also be responsible for time-critical transfer (to minimize ischaemic time) of the organs to the transplant hospital.


ECMO Transfers

One of the few major advances in Critical Care medicine, Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) has been subsequently incorporated as Centralised Ultra Critical care and is being incorporated into practice by some of the Advanced Tertiary hospitals in India.


Neonatal and Paediatric Transfers

We are developing a dedicated Paediatric and Neonatal transfer team, with equipment and incubators which could easily be transferable between facilities.


High Risk Obstetric Transfers

We have the capability to mobilise our high risk Obstetrics team in the shortest possible response time. This team consists of an obstetrician and an obstetrics anesthetist.


Disaster Management

We do our best to treat and stabilize critically ill patients transferring many of them to super speciality hospitals via helicopters. Air Ambulance services like ours provide a critical link between healthcare and disaster management systems. We provide Pre-hospital Trauma Management & Care for patients experiencing medical emergencies in disasters, and medical transport to tertiary healthcare facilities - by air.

Equipments onboard all our aircraft

Each of our air ambulances have all the necessary equipment that our expert doctors need to provide emergency
medical care. Our carefully chosen equipment carried onboard, saves lives and helps provide critical medical
care during flights.


Multipara Oximeter Monitor


Spine Scoop

Suction Machine

Syringe Pump



Bain Circuit

Ambu Bag

Jet Comfort

Cancellation And Dispute Policy

Cancellation And Dispute Policy

  • Cancellation Charges would be levied as a percentage of the total INVOICE value, which would be as follows:-
  • (i) 10%- against flight preparation charges will be levied if flight is cancelled due to “force majeure” reasons.
  • (ii) 25% - if cancellation is done 6 days prior to schedule departure of the flight.
  • (iii) 50% - if cancellation is done less than 6 days but more than 72 hrs prior to schedule departure of the flight.
  • (iv) 100% of the total estimated charter cost will be levied if the flight is cancelled less than 72 hrs of scheduled departure.
  • Any cancellations/changes (if the same cannot be executed due to operational reasons / lapse or lack of relevant permissions) in flight sectors after the commencement of the ‘flight program’ will be termed as a as ‘a last minute cancellation’ - and the cancellation clause of 100% would apply.
  • air ambulance cancelation will be 100% chargeable , if Flight is cancelled due to any reason or death of patient or sharing of wrong information regarding fit to airlift of patient.
  • Booking amount is non refundable
  • Declaration: While we endeavor to provide the aircraft as per customers’ requirement, BHAPL shall not be liable to pay any financial damages or be held responsible for any cancellation of flights due to technical snags, inclement weather, poor visibility, non-availability of clearances or any other reasons beyond the control of the company. Also, please note the above offer is made subject to continuing availability of aircraft at the time of blocking the charter. Blueheightaviation don’t own any aircraft, airambulance or medical team we take from authorised operator and provide to client , all liability and terms with aircraft operation either charter or medical flight is according to operator. Blueheightaviation will be not liable for any liability. All dispute will be settle first at delhi arbitration only .
  • All disputes will be subject to arbitration. Arbitrator will be appointed at delhi by mutual consent of both party and Delhi court jurisdictions only.

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